Our Services

We offer robust interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise, respected academic and professional credentials, leadership in the fields of global management, change management, and intercultural relations, and a firm grasp of the latest research. Our clients appreciate our deep listening, keen insights, ability to read between the lines, and capacity for distilling unwieldy concepts and communicating them in a clear and actionable way. We are also non-judgmental and work with you where you are - but will always tell you what you need to hear so you can get to where you need to go.

Additionally, we not only advise clients on cultural problems; we also approach their challenges in an intercultural, interdisciplinary way. Indeed, our greatest strength is that we have not only been expats ourselves, but we also come from a range of backgrounds, with differences in gender, ethnicity, religion, academic specialization, profession, and industry. This gives us a twofold advantage: Not only do we have a deep well of resources and perspectives to draw on as we consult with you, but we also fully comprehend the reality of working across cultures. It's not only what we help you do – it's what we do, too – everyday.