Our Story

We created Hahn Cultural Consulting because we wanted to help individuals, organizations, and communities develop the global skills they need to succeed in the 21st Century.

Our story begins with two very different backgrounds and perspectives. Michael was born in South Korea and started in IT before exploring deeper questions about organizational culture, change management, and leadership. Melissa was born in the U.S. and began in international relations and Eastern European Studies before realizing that her true passion was in helping people cross cultures.

Being a married couple, we had a lot of time for conversation, and we started to notice that our fields were asking related questions from different angles. How do we work with people who are different from us? And how do we navigate cultural changes at the individual, organizational, and societal level? Our professional spheres each had insights, frameworks, and knowledge to offer. From our personal experiences living between cultures, however, we also knew that best practices and good intentions can get lost in translation.

We decided to serve as expert guides for people stuck in the messy middle between theory and practice as they confront challenges related to culture and change. Our support includes assessments, coaching, facilitation, training, and guest speaking. We work with people and projects from every continent and generation, across organizations, sectors, and communities. We’d love to partner with you next!

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