Reflecting on 2017


We don't have any snow in Phoenix, but we are at the end of the year, just the same. We'd like to take a few minutes to reflect on the year and thank everyone who made 2017 meaningful for us.

First, a big "thank you" to our clients who made our first year of Hahn Cultural Consulting memorable and worthwhile. We have enjoyed partnering with you as you identified, examined, and navigated your various cultural challenges, which ranged from adapting to the U.S. educational system as an international student, advancing diversity and inclusion efforts in your company, preparing for an expatriation or repatriation, addressing organizational culture and change roadblocks, and figuring out how to master U.S.-style small talk. As it is the nature of individual, organizational, and community cultural challenges to be complex and many-layered, we look forward to working with you again in 2018, whether in an advisory, coaching, training, or presentation capacity. 

Second, we thank our colleagues and network for supporting us as we laid the foundation for this exciting new interdisciplinary venture. Your questions, feedback, and insights have given us valuable food for thought, and we especially appreciate your sharing the news about the work we provide. In a human-centric field that is focused on change, communication, and collaboration, we truly value the ripple effects of every connection, and we thank you for connecting with us! 

Third, we wish to express our gratitude for a few key individuals, organizations, and communities. We thank the City of Tempe for its support of community cultural programs, including its award-winning Sister Cities program, to whose newsletter we contributed a cultural column; its spring and fall diversity dialogue series, which we participated in and then co-facilitated; and its weekly class on American culture, which we co-designed and taught for the summer and fall sessions. We are additionally grateful to Lutheran Social Services and Dayspring United Methodist Church for allowing us to share our cultural expertise with them as they continue their work in refugee resettlement. We also thank Andy Molinsky and Brandeis University for inviting us to speak on two international business school panels, and Harvard Business Review for featuring Melissa and Andy’s pieces on global management. And finally, we appreciate SIETAR USA for welcoming us as workshop presenters in their 2017 Conference, Building Bridges with Intercultural Competence: Changing World, Changing People, Changing Times. These experiences not only made our year richer but also were a perfect example of how much more powerful and impactful we can be when we collaborate. 

Finally, in a partnership such as ours, which is not only professional but also personal, it is only fitting that we thank each other. To our cofounder Michael, for contributing his leadership in change management, global management, and organizational culture, and to our cofounder Melissa, for her expertise in intercultural relations, social media, and writing. With these diverse backgrounds informing our work, we are able to be dynamic, versatile, and truly interdisciplinary – and if past is prologue, we expect to engage in even more programs and projects in the year ahead.  

As we mark the passage of time, we are grateful for what has come before and we eagerly await the possibilities of what still lies ahead. May the New Year bring you joy, connection, and many wonderful cultural opportunities! We look forward to working with you in 2018!