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The 21st Century is witnessing major global shifts that present profound challenges around culture and how we work and live together. This volatile, uncertain, and ambiguous world has turned deeply-held assumptions upside down and shaken some people so profoundly that they seek a return to the past. However, we believe that a more empowering approach is to focus on the future. At Hahn Cultural Consulting, we provide the toolkit that individuals, organizations, and communities need to get there. 

We Are here to help

A global mindset, cross-cultural competence, and the ability to effectively grapple with change are among today's most critical skills. We give you our best advice and insights, so you can transform culture from a dilemma into a strategic asset. 


How We Help


We start with a conversation to get acquainted with you and your needs. Then we offer advice and coaching, deliver training, facilitation, and workshops, and guest speak at events, conferences, and panels. We also publish articles and produce podcasts. 

We work with individuals, organizations, and communities in every age group, sector, and region. We are based in Los Angeles and available worldwide! 


Who We Are

We are your expert partners in intercultural relations and change management. Our rich combination of academic credentials, professional expertise, and personal experience means that we understand culture from every angle – and can help you understand it, too. 

Melissa Hahn

Melissa Hahn

Melissa is our intercultural expert

She has been fascinated by the world from a young age, when she studied her globe each night before falling asleep. Since designing her first cross-cultural program 20 years ago, she has dedicated herself to helping people of all ages and backgrounds build global knowledge and competence in their personal and professional lives.

Melissa has worked across sectors including international relations, education, nonprofits, hospitality, journalism, global mobility, entertainment, health care, tech startups, faith communities, and cities. She currently coaches international students, teaches about American culture, delivers cultural trainings, facilitates diversity dialogues, guest speaks on panels, presents at conferences, and writes for Harvard Business Review.

She holds a M.A. in Intercultural Relations from the University of the Pacific, a B.A. in Russian Area Studies from St. Olaf College, and studied Central and Eastern Europe at Jagiellonian University in Poland. She is a trusted sounding board for anyone with a cultural question or problem and is ready to help you with yours.

Michael is our global business and change management expert

He is on a lifelong quest to discover what makes people, organizations, and society tick. During his twenty years as a bridge between the business and IT departments, he has observed leaders struggle to understand internal and external forces, make decisions, communicate effectively, build partnerships across differences, and most of all, anticipate and respond to change.

Michael has worked across sectors including retail, start-ups, cities, and utilities, with experience in network administration, regulatory compliance, SharePoint, higher education, and change management. He currently coaches executives, develops strategy, leads focus groups, designs and delivers trainings, conducts workshops, builds assessments, measures program outcomes, advises teams on change communication strategies, presents at conferences, and guest speaks on panels. He specializes in addressing challenges in aligning organizational culture and business strategy.

Michael holds a MBA with emphases in International Business and Leadership from Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business, a B.A.S in Information Technology Infrastructure from the University of Minnesota, and is a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner. He is sought after for his insights into organizational bottlenecks and his ability to articulate practical solutions.

Michael Hahn

Michael Hahn